Computer Education Week, Dec. 5-9, 2016


It’s Computer Education Week! Many of our students, teachers, and administrators are jumping in! In fact, 100% of all students, K-8 have already or are scheduled to complete at least an Hour of Code this month! (high school numbers coming soon…)

Friday, December 9

Jennifer Naramore’s students at EPES work with Makey Makey kits.

Students throughout the district participated in Hour of Code!

Four students working on laptops

Three boys with headphones on looking up from their laptops.

Girl looking at computer screen.

High school boy looking up at camera after earning an Hour of Code certificate.

Classroom of students working on computers

Boy working on makey makey project














Wednesday, December 7

yes-hour-of-code-dec2016Mrs. Kittoe’s kindergarten class and Mrs. Billings’ 3rd grade class at Yahara Elementary School paired up today to participate in Hour of Code, a nationwide movement to introduce students to computer programming! Students worked with, the coding app Kodable, and Osmo Coding. They created binary code bracelets with the letters from their names! It was an hour full of hands-on fun!

Activities are planned at the high school, with their all-school Hour of Code event scheduled for Friday, Dec. 9.  More


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