Constitution Speech Contest winners recognized by Board of Education

Jan Williams, student contest winners and Mike EsserMembers of the group DeForest And Windsor Now (DAWN) hosted its fifth annual Constitution Speech Contest on December 5 in the Little Theatre at DeForest Area High School. Winners were recognized by the DASD Board of Education at their meeting on Monday, January 9.

Participating students selected a Bill of Rights Amendment and defended it to a panel of judges. “Students prepared and presented an original 10-12 minute memorized oral presentation describing, explaining and defending the Framers’ original intent, meaning and understanding of the Amendment,” DAWN member Augusto Munoz said. “The presentation was made without the use of notes, visual or electronic aids.”

Winning the event was Sidney Bergeron, who earned the $800 top prize cash award. Placing second was Josie Brandmeier. She earned a $600 cash award. Taking third and fourth places respectively were Kaitlyn Younger ($400 cash prize) and Trevor Pitcel ($200 cash prize). The award money was sponsored by DAWN member donations.

Each participant also received a book on the Constitution, a book on Alexander Hamilton, a Liberty Bell, and framed certificate.  Judges for the event were Chandra Harvey, Attorney and Legal Counsel for the Dept of Natural Resources/ State of Wisconsin; Gregory Mawer, Instructor for Innovative Alternative Education/Madison Metropolitan School District; and John Kaminsky, History Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Members of the DAWN group are Dr. Robert Walton, Sam Blahnik, Alan Buchner, Edward Busse, Michael Esser, Rhonda Gilbertson, Jake Kurtz, Augusto Munoz, Dennis O’Loughlin, Eric Runez, and Thomas Spitz.

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