Nathan Hill crowned Mr. Norski

On February 13th, DeForest DECA hosted their annual Mr. Norski competition to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Mr. Noski is the high school’s representation of a “male pageant.” The purpose of this event is to provide quality entertainment to the community while raising money for a good cause.

Ten male students agreed to participate in the Mr. Norski competition. They filled out a detailed questionnaire containing both serious and silly questions, which became the emcee’s material during the event. During the week leading up to the event, the contestants carried buckets to their classes to collect donations for MDA. At the event, participants were judged on talent, formal wear, school spirit, question and answer, and secret challenge competitions, in addition to how much money they raised for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. DECA members also raised more funds for MDA through a Miracle Minute during the event.

Nathan Hill, crowned Mr. Norski 2017 states, “I have loved participating in Mr. Norski for the past three years because it is great entertainment and a wholesome way to spend an evening, while raising money for charity at the same time.”

DeForest DECA is proud to announce that between donations and the Miracle Minute, Mr. Norski raised $1,896.90 for MDA! Thank you very much to everyone who supported this worthy cause!

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