Math 24 challengers compete in regional competition


On February 28th, several DASD stusdents in elementary and middle school headed to UW-Madison to compete in the regional Math 24 competition. Each DASD elementary school held a school competition beforehand to determine their competitors.

Pictured above are students who represented DASD at the regional competition:

  • Fourth Grade:  Eagle Point Elementary: Jonathon Lauritzen, Layla Goen, and Abigail Gajewski; Morrisonville Elementary: Konrad Budzynski; Windsor Elementary: Kendra Jackson, Derek Klein, Miles Kuluvar, and Jackson Accuardi; Yahara Elementary: Anya Carillo, Danny Soczka, Sophia Caracci, and Avery Meek
  • Fifth Grade: Abigail Prusakiewicz, Hunter King, Ryleigh Weinstock, Quinn Aulik, Clara Neupert, Stella Bieri, Natalie Gerseth, Ethan Piontek, Emogen Rawls, Gavin Chavez, Riley Frederick, and Ryleigh Jacobsen
  • Sixth Grade: Sam Piontek, Timothy  Schmitt, Keaton Coopman, Rhett Parker, Zac Roberts, Meta Fischer, Natalie Hensen, Brogan Hicks, Owen Horton, Mela Budzynski, Sam Nelson, Ethan Prusakiewicz
  • Seventh Grade:  Caleb Ekezie, Avrey Pierick, Owen Chambers, Max Weisbrod, Josh Jansen, and Nolan Hawk
  • Eighth Grade (not pictured):  Sam Fischer, Jay Franz, Cerys Ridd, Mallory Taylor, and Ferris Wolf

Twenty-one elementary school students competed in the regional competition, with DASD students taking home four awards.  Second place, Layla Goen; fifth place, Jonathon Lauritzen; sixth place, Konrad Budzynski; and Avery Meeks took home a ribbon for highest district score.

Fifth & sixth grade students taking home awards from DeForest Area Middle School were Ethan Piontek, top 5th grade finisher, and Same Piontek, top 6th grade finisher.

Four seventh grade students also earned medals.   Caleb Ekezie took 6th place, Avery Pierick, 5th; Nolan Hawk, 4th;  and Josh Jansen took 3rd.   Nolan Hawk also took home a ribbon for highest district score.

Eighth grade students earning awards were Sam Fischer in 6th place and Ferris Wolf in 3rd place.

Thank you to the teachers who facilitated the competition for students, either in their own building or at the regional meet in Madison:  Tammy Brietlow, Jill Breunig, Gina Buettner, Laura Bussie, Greg Gorres, Tammi Jansen, Lisa Marek, Dave Sisler, and Sue Winckler.  And, congratulations to all students who competed!

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