Looking for former Eagle Point/DeForest Grade School students and staff to share their memories

DeForest Grade School Circa 1970
Eagle Point Elementary School, which was originally called DeForest Grade School, was built in 1955 and has served thousands of students and staff in the DeForest Area School District.  In May 2017 the school will be closed and demolished to make way for a new Eagle Point Elementary School. To honor the history of the school, a video scrapbook will be created to include photos of the building, and memories from students and staff throughout several decades.
Former students, staff, and parents are invited to share their memories of DeForest Grade School and Eagle Point Elementary School in three ways. Please complete this FORM to express your interest and participation.
  1. You may submit a brief written message on the form.
  2. You may attend one of two sessions (March 16 or 20) where DASD staff will record a video of your spoken message (specifically looking for 1-2 people representing each decade since 1955.
  3. You may submit photos for inclusion in the video (photos will be scanned and returned to owner). Depending on the response, we will try to use as much of the material submitted as possible.
Questions?  Contact Debbie Brewster at 842-6581 or dbrewster@deforestschools.org


  1. I went there through 5th grade. Spent most of my recesses at the corner of the front playground because my dad was the crossing guard for a few years. We lived across the street and I spent a lot of time after school at the playground in the back. Good memories, but sad to see it be demolished.

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