Students create biographies for older adults

Last week students in Laura Kruschek’s, Holly Mair’s, and Megan Chrisler’s 7th grade English/Language Arts classes welcomed older adults to the Middle School for interviews. Students asked a range of questions from childhood  memories to significant events that happened throughout their lifetime.   After the interviews, students used their writing skills to create a biography about their guest.  Then, using their technology skills, created an electronic presentation.

The students interviewed the older adults on Thursday, May 18th and then the older adults returned the following Thursday to see the presentation their group of students created.  At the end of the presentations, the guests shared different insights about their experience. One adult shared her thoughts, “I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to come in and share my story.  I feel so welcomed here and I enjoyed my time with the students.”  Another adult gave the following advice to a group of students, “learn all you can while you are in school.” The seventh grade students enjoyed the wonderful advice they received from all the adults.

This project was facilitated by English/Language Arts teachers Laura Kruschek and Holly Mair with help from RSVP of Dane County and the DeForest Area School District’s LINK-ages Committee. LINK-ages is a committee of school and community people committed to expanding inter-generational activities in the DeForest area since 1992.  The group promotes several activities that connect older adults with DASD students.

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