DECA students

DeForest DECA succeeds at District competition

DECA students with awards

Written by: DAHS DECA Officers, Sydney Shortreed and Emily Chermak

Sixty-five students from DeForest DECA competed at the Wisconsin DECA District 3 competition on January 6th at Sun Prairie High School. DECA is an organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges across the globe.

This competition brought together high school students from across the Madison area. Throughout the day, students competed in 100 question tests and “role-play” events that are based off of real life business situations. The events that students could compete in consisted of individual and two-person categories ranging from Personal Financial Literacy to Sports and Entertainment Marketing. Senior Brooke Harmon, a second year DECA member and a Leadership Council Member for DeForest DECA stated, “Districts was very fun this year as always! Competing with our DECA chapter has always been a blast. Seeing all of your hard work pay off in role plays and getting up on stage with your best friends is such a rewarding feeling! I am so proud of all of my fellow DECA members!” This sentiment was repeated by many DECA competitors.

Many DeForest DECA students were successful in their events at Districts, with thirteen students earning the esteemed title of Series Champion, and placing in the top four in their event. The next level of competition will take place in March at the State Career Development Conference. Winners at the State Level will move onto the international competition in Atlanta in April.

Seven students placed first place overall in their specific events. Congratulations to Sam Fischer (freshman), Emily Chermak (senior), Sydney Shortreed (senior), Philip Chujor (senior), Jordan Wilson (senior), Gift Chujor (junior), and Mason Hoffman (junior). Two of the thirteen students placed second place overall in their events. Congratulations to Audrey Williams (junior), and Kylie Rogers (senior). These nine students’ hard work allowed them to automatically qualify for the State Career and Development Conference competition, held March 5th-7th, 2018.

DeForest DECA claimed a total of 87 pieces of hardware. These successful students included:

  • Sam Fischer, Principles of Business Management- Series Champion  (1)
  • Emily Chermak and Sydney Shortreed, Hospitality Services Team Decision Making- Series Champion  (1)
  • Gift Chujor and Mason Hoffman, Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making- Series Champion   (1)
  • Phillip Chujor, Retail Merchandising –Series Champion  (1)
  • Jordan Wilson, Food Marketing- Series Champion   (1)
  • Audrey Williams, Apparel and Accessories Marketing – Series Champion   (2)
  • Kylie Rogers, Marketing Communications- Series Champion  (2)
  • Jacob Chambers, Business Services- Series Champion  (3)
  • Conlan Gotzion, Principles of Finance- Series Champion   (3)
  • Mason Scheel, Sports and Entertainment Marketing- Series Champion  (4)
  • Liliana Kenyon, Principles of Hospitality- Series Champion (4)
  • Cole Bayer, Personal Financial Literacy- Honorable Mention
  • Beau Blackdeer, Retail Merchandising Series- Honorable Mention
  • Liam Sullivan and Xavier Zimmerman, Marketing Management Team Decision Making- Honorable Mention
  • Hannah Miller and Brooke Harmon, Sports and Entertainment Team Decision Making- Honorable Mention
  • Emily Cone, Hotel and Lodging Management-Honorable Mention
  • Maren Holzem, Principles of Hospitality- Honorable Mention
  • Jenna Noltemeyer, Retail Merchandising- Honorable Mention
  • Joshua Thurber, Accounting Applications- Honorable Mention
  • Alexis Staples, Food Marketing- Honorable Mention
  • Chris Kennedy and Travis Nelson, Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making- Honorable Mention
  • Sarah Landgon, Human Resources- Test Medalist
  • Rachel Anderson, Automotive Services Marketing- Role Play 1 Medalist, Role Play 2 Medalist
  • Madi Hilmershausen and Mackenna Bauman, Travel and Tourism Team Decision Making- Role Play 2 Medalist
  • Jagger Lokken, Principles of Business Management- Role Play 1 medalist
  • Anabelle Albers, Principles of Hospitality- Role Play 1 medalist
  • Seamus O’Connel and Chandler Sanford- Test Medalist
  • Edwyn Erickson, Sports and Entertainment Marketing- Role Play 1 medalist
  • Max Bashel, Accounting Applications- Role Play 2 medalist
  • Elliot Clough, Retail Merchandising- Role Play 2 medalist
  • Sam Nueman, Hotel Lodging and Managment- Test medalist


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