Dr. Stephanie McCaig with four students, making frames

Students visit adopt-a-class partner

Students in Jessica Lazzari’s kindergarten class were recently visited by their “adopted” business partner, Dr. Stephanie McCaig from Essential Family Vision.  According to Lazzari, “On this visit Dr. Stephanie brought in a picture frame project to remind us of summer weather during these cold winter months! We also talked about ways to protect your eyes from the sun in all seasons.”

Each year teachers and local business people, representing 20 elementary school classrooms,  participate in the district’s Adopt-a-Class program.  They organize many activities with students throughout the year that best fit the curriculum and the focus of the business or organization.

The adopt-a-class program started in the DeForest Area School District in 1997. According to Debbie Brewster, Coordinator of School/Community Relations, “the program provides an opportunity for local businesses to develop a long-term relationship with students.  The teacher and business person work together to provide students with an insight into future careers, learn appropriate work ethics, and apply school work to the world outside of the classroom.”  At the end of each year, students are invited to visit the business.

For more information about the program, visit the school district website at:  http://www.deforestschools.org – Community – Partnerships, or contact Debbie Brewster in the Office of School/Community Relations at (608) 842-6581.


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