Jan Berg, Zach Mickelson, and Josh Wianecki

Students present results of 2017 FFA Land Lab to school board

High school students, Josh Wianecki, Zach Mickelson, Spencer Treinen, and Ian Manthe, who participated in the FFA District Land Lab operation in 2017 attended the February 26th Board of Education meeting to present a report and a check. They were joined by agriculture teachers, Dan Kvalheim and Gwen Boettcher.

FFA student chairperson, Zach Mickelson presented the report, sharing the results of their soybean and corn trials for 2017. He explained that this year, the land lab covered 17.4 acres of soybeans and 34 acres of corn. “The District’s Land Lab is one of the largest in the state,” said Mickelson. He shared obstacles, challenges and learning outcomes from their experience, as well as their income and expenses.

Total income from corn and soybeans: $31,669.33
Total expenses: $17,918.13
Net income: $13,751.2

Mickelson and Wianecki presented a check for $4,125.36 to school board president Jan Berg. The amount represents 30% of the Net Income, which is returned to the District each year. 

The group also invited board members to their annual FFA Family Fun Night on Saturday, March 3, 2018.

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