Day in Africa 2018

High school GEAC students attend Day in Africa

In April, four students who are pursuing their Wisconsin Global Education Achievement Certificate (GEAC) traveled to UW-Madison for a Day in Africa experience.
The Day in Africa event featured a variety of interactive sessions, encouraging students to have fun as they expanded their knowledge of the arts, music, and culture of many parts of the African continent. The event welcomed high school juniors and seniors from across Wisconsin to also explore the languages and cultures of Africa in a variety of sessions led by UW-Madison faculty, students, and staff.
DAHS students attended sessions such as Zulu Chess, West African Drum & Dance, Capoeira, and African Poetry.

Wisconsin’s Global Education Achievement Certificate (DPI website)

Graduating high school students who demonstrate a strong interest in global citizenship may earn the Wisconsin Global Education Achievement Certificate (GEAC).

They receive the Wisconsin Global Scholars designation by successfully completing a global education curriculum and engaging in co-curricular activities and experiences that foster the development of global competencies.

GEAC programs are administered by local high schools under programs reviewed and approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.  More


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