DAHS principal Machell Schwarz and Dylan Haas

Dylan Haas wins scholarship from American Legion

Dylan Haas, a sophomore at DeForest Area High School, has won a $250 scholarship as a result of his participation in the American Legion Americanism and Government Scholarship test.

In a letter to Dylan, contest program coordinator Dawn Brauner said that nearly 3,000 Wisconsin high school students took the test, with 33 scholarships being presented to the top recipients. “The test is designed to not only recognize students in grades 10, 11, and 12 with scholarships, but also to bring awareness to the rights and privileges that we have through American Citizenship,” said Brauner.

According to The American Legion, Department of Wisconsin website, “The Americanism and Government Scholarship Program fosters interest in all levels of government, citizenship and provides students the opportunity to receive recognition and scholarships.  A fifty (50) question test is administered to test a student’s knowledge of U.S. Government, Wisconsin Government, County Government, the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Flag Etiquette. To complete the test, students must answer an essay question.”

More information about the Americanism and Government Scholarship Program.

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