Students reading in tent

Eagle Point students focus on student and community team building with inaugural First Grade Camp Courtyard

Eagle Point Elementary School held their inaugural First Grade Camp Courtyard  last week! The event was an end-of-the year activity focusing on student and community team building.  “Students worked together during camp, and our families supported us through donations, volunteering, and coming in for lunch,” said EPES Principal Ann Schoenberger.

Five “troops” camped all morning long and earned badges for doing activities such as: planting sunflower seeds; playing with sidewalk chalk and bubbles; making beautiful flying dragonflies; playing nature tic-tac-toe and charades; posing in the “photo booth” around the campfire; and reading inside the tent.

According to first grade teacher, Bridget Neubauer, “The weather was a little damp so several activities were held inside; but by the time lunch rolled around, it was dry enough for our first-grade families to picnic with their campers in the courtyard!  So many people went out of their way to help make this a special and memorable day!”


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