Teachers working on computers

Teachers begin summer learning and planning


While school may be out for students, summer marks the time for teachers to participate in professional development, analyze student achievement data, learn new curriculum, revise assessments and programs, create new lessons, and plan for the next group of students.

Shortly after students ended their 2017-18 school year, many DASD teachers jumped into learning at the school district’s 2018 Norski Camp.

Norski Camp, held on June 12 and 13 at Eagle Point Elementary School, is a district-sponsored professional development opportunity for staff to learn about new instructional tools and strategies.  Below are some of the sessions staff attended:

  • Google Certification
  • 3D Modeling & Printing
  • Standards-Based Grading and Skyward
  • Voicethread: A Multipurpose Tool
  • Google Classroom
  • Easy Tips and Tricks for Modifying Materials for All Learners
  • Google Basics & Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Assessment Studio
  • Formative Assessment with PearDeck
  • Hacking Google Slides
  • Gathering Student Learning with Seesaw & Explain Everything
  • Effective Communication with parents and students

According to Director of Instruction Sue Wilson, many teachers will be participating in other professional development opportunities throughout the summer. Some are sponsored by the school district, but many are classes and workshops specific to their subject area or grade level.  Teachers will also be working on curriculum and instruction for their own class, grade level, or school. In addition, several days are planned for staff and administrators to analyze student achievement data for the district and individual schools.

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