Crushing cancer with cupcakes

Members of the DeForest Area Middle School Student Council hosted their first “sharing is caring” event to help support one of their DASD families.

Middle school student Aubrey Feldman’s 2nd grade sister has been battling cancer for just over two years. Maddie was diagnosed in August of 2016 with a brain tumor. Since that time she has had three brain surgeries and has been on chemotherapy treatment since September of 2017. Student Council members called the fundraiser, “Maddie Cakers.” Students and staff decorated paper cupcakes for Maddie or in honor of a friend or family member whose life has been changed by cancer. Students put up a poster in the cafeteria that says “Cancer,” with the goal of covering it with the paper cupcakes. The paper cupcakes were sold at school each morning during the week of October 8-12. Maddie Cakers wristbands were also for sale. All the proceeds go to the Maddie “Cakers” family who are currently coping with cancer.

DeForest Area Middle School students and staff raised $667.85, $200 from the bracelet sales and $467 in donations from the paper cupcakes.crushing-cancer-with-cupcakes-1


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