Students learn to support claims with evidence

Students in 7th grade at DeForest Area Middle School recently kicked off an argument writing unit as part of their English/Language Arts (E/LA) instruction.  According to E/LA teachers Laura Kruschek and Holly Mair, argument writing teaches students to express a point of view on a subject and support it with evidence.  The focus of their argument writing activity was on “Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning.”

Kruschek and Mair organized the classroom into seven stations, each with their own evidence.  Students went to each of the stations in small groups and wrote down what they saw (the evidence) and what it could mean.  Once they made it around to all seven stations, they needed to come up with a claim and reasons to back up their claim.  “Each group of students needed to collaborate and agree on a claim and give three pieces of evidence to back up their claim, along with the reason why,” said Kruschek.  “Evidence  ranged from a plane ticket to an apology letter to evidence folders.  The key was students could not touch the evidence, only look and whatever they interpreted it to mean was correct as long as they had evidence and reasoning to back it up.”


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