Maddie and Dawson (holding sign)

DAHS selects special prom princess

Dawson McMahn asking Maddy Feldman to promThis year the high school student prom committee has chosen Maddie Feldman as their 2019 Prom Princess.  This is an extra special honor for her family,  as Maddie has been battling brain cancer the past three years.

Selecting a Prom Princess and Prince has been an annual prom tradition for many years, and one that high school students felt could be used to bring awareness to the important topic of childhood cancer.

Dawson McMahan, a fellow second grader at Yahara Elementary School, was chosen as the Prom Prince.  Both are in Sarah Schiro’s second grade class. On April 2nd, Dawson asked Maddie to join him in this honor, mimicking a “promposal” that some high school students do leading up to the annual dance.

Maddie was diagnosed with cancer two weeks before she started kindergarten. She had three surgeries that first year of school, but the tumor kept coming back so she underwent chemo the entire year of first grade and the fist semester of second grade.   For the past three years, the community has  rallied around Maddie. They made her an honorary superhero at the Badger Childhood Cancer Network’s Superhero Run in the fall of 2017 and held a fundraiser to help the family with their growing medical bills.

Maddie’s parents, Emily and Shawn Feldman, said of the prom princess selection, “It’s such a honor for her.  Our family couldn’t be more excited. Since Dawson asked her, it’s all Maddie talks about. It truly does take a village, and this village has been nothing but supportive of Maddie and our family, and it  means the world to us.”


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