Student looking at plant through magnifiying glass

Elementary school students study outdoor habitats

Each spring first and second grade students throughout the district participate in educational activities at the District’s environmental outdoor classroom, Big Hill Environmental Learning Center. Third and fourth grade students participate in the fall.

Students study three habitats:  the woods, the pond, and the prairie.  They observe the plants and animals in the forest habitat.  Using their binoculars, they observe many birds on the prairie. During the pond study, they find many water critters.  Using two-way scopes, the students see tadpoles, minnows, leeches, dragonfly nymphs, a water scorpion, and several small water beetles.

The program is coordinated by retired DeForest Area High School Science Teacher, Meg McLaughlin, and class activities are also facilitated by a group of K-12 DASD retired teachers.

Amy Williams, first grade teacher at Eagle Point Elementary School, recently shared photos of her students learning at Big Hill with retired DASD counselor, Tim Hopping.


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