students building bridge with popsicle sticks

New school year off to a great start at DAHS

Students and teachers at DeForest Area High School are back at school and getting to know one another and the routines of a new year.

Math teacher Joana Calixto Martinez had her Algebra students build a bridge for a team building activity the first week of school. Bridges had to be sturdy enough to roll a tennis ball from table to table, which was challenging because they had limited supplies (popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners and tape), limited time and specific restrictions.

In AP Chemistry, students (Adam Horton, Sydney Hahn, Will Simon, and Sarah Martin) practiced proper reporting of laboratory data while studying the relationship between the diameter and duration of a soap bubble. (Photo courtesy of Dan Curran, AP Chemistry teacher)

AP Chemistry.JPG

Students also showed their Norski Pride at a home football game!



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