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“Imagine it, Make it” activities in 4K

Two groups of 4-year-old kindergarten students in the DeForest Area School District spent last week diving into an “Imagine it, Make it,” unit.

students readingAt Yahara River Learning Center (YRLC) students read books that encouraged them to use imagination and creativity to think outside the box. One book in particular they enjoyed was Not a Box, by Antoinette Portis. According to one of the teachers, “Students had a blast acting out this story using various props, pretending the box was a race car, boat, spaceship, and robot.”

Students at YRLC also created multi-media works of art using dots and shapes, and used their engineering skills to build amazing block structures. Next week they will continue this unit and focus on the tools used for scientific discovery! They will work with a balance scale, funnels, measuring cups, and magnifying glasses, to name a few.

At Country Creek Learning Center (CCLC), 4K students took a scientific approach to fun. The dramatic play center had a cardboard box spaceship with many props to pretend to be astronauts. A box with gloves was a way to examine ‘sensitive’ space items by the 4k astrophysicists.


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