Golf Coaches Association of WI

DAHS students named GCAW Academic-All State honoree

[Post updated September 16, 2020]

The Golf Coaches Association of Wisconsin (GCAW), which honors the academic achievements of our student-athletes every year, recently announced four DAHS students have been named 2020 Academic-All State honorees, recognizing proven student-athletes who have served as a great example to others, proving that athletic and academic success are not mutually exclusive.

The honorees are:

  • Blake Edge, junior
  • Mason Kuluvar, Junior
  • Max Loeck, junior
  • Ethan Prusakiewicz, sophomore

According to Bob Sullivan, GCAW Academic All-State Chair, “We modified our system this year due to Covid-19. As the boys never got to start their seasons, and for many coaches it would have been impossible to know which players would have participated in at least 75% of the varsity matches, we decided to honor everybody on the team who met the minimum GPA requirement (3.25 cumulative).”

GCAW announced that 620 students from 86 different high schools have been honored this year.  In fact, the average GPA of these students is an exceptional 3.717.

The GCAW was formed by high school golf coaches in 1986 to help build and enhance Wisconsin’s reputation for developing quality junior players by promoting golf in our schools and communities. 

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