student performers

One Act advances to Sectionals

Performance photo of actors Carver Nelson and Sarah Deminter

Director Jan Williams entered a group of DAHS students in this year’s State One Act (virtual) festival, and the video performance of “Almost, Maine” was advanced by all three judges from Districts to Sectionals. All 2020-21 contests will be online, with one statewide District festival and one statewide Sectional festival ahead of the State Festival. 

The DAHS cast of Almost, Maine:

  • Pete (Petra) Delaney Lange
  • Ginette – Alanna Pierick
  • East – Carver Nelson
  • Glory – Sarah Deminter
  • Gayle – Raegan Hilmershausen
  • Lendall (Linda) – Eleanor Treinen
  • Hope – Clare O’Connell
  • A Man (Daniel) – Dom Jaccard

Wisconsin High School Forensic Association (WHSFW)


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