4K Expo

Developmental Expo for families with children entering 4K in 2020-21

Developmental ExpoThe DeForest Area School District hosted a Developmental Expo on March 5 and 6 for families with children who will be enrolling in the four-year-old kindergarten program in Fall 2020. The event was held at the DeForest Area Public Library.

Parents and guardians were able to receive online enrollment support, consult with an early childhood teacher and speech therapist, and have a Q&A with 4K staff.

Children at the event received free vision screening (thanks to volunteers from Essential Family Vision in DeForest), participated in interactive activities, and each child received a free t-shirt and book! 

Thank you to our t-shirt sponsors included: Wishing Well 2.0, Windsor Family Dental, Essential Family Vision Care, Yahara River Learning Center, X-Per-T’s, A Growing Place Preschool, Gingerbread House, DeForest Area Park & Recreation, DeForest Dental, 
Country Creek Learning Center, DeForest Area Public Library, Wisconsin Dental Wellness, Fisher Family Dental.



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