High school seniors learn about the financial realities of life after high school or college

Over 200 DeForest Area High School seniors learned a little more about the realities of life after high school or college on Wednesday, May 24 at the school’s 11th annual “Reality Day”.  Over 70 volunteers from local businesses, the community, and school district helped students during a simulation where they manage their personal financial resources to pay for one month of life’s necessities while making choices about what additional products and services to purchase.

The event is sponsored by DeForest Area High School and the school district’s Business & Education Partnership Committee, and hosted by the North Star Conference Center.  Several businesses and volunteers donated raffle prizes and materials for the event.

Local businesses provided real life product and service cost information, as well as staffed “stations” (housing, groceries, checking/savings accounts, etc.) to help students learn how to survive on a given life scenario and salary.

According to Debbie Brewster, one of the coordinators of the event, “We ask every student participant to evaluate the morning’s activity, and their comments were very positive and helpful.”  According to one student, the most challenging part of the day was “having a kid and staying above budget.”  Another student felt they were challenged by “not having enough money for everything.”

One student felt the most rewarding part of the day was “learning a lot about the real world.”  For another, it was being “able to spend money on things after all of the required stations.”

Afterward, seniors were treated to a cookout lunch.  They enjoyed brats and hot dogs grilled by Agriculture teacher Dan Kvalehim and F/CS teacher Lori Kvalheim, and salads and desserts made by Family  & Consumer Science teachers and students.

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FFA hosts annual Food for America event

On Wednesday, May 17, DeForest FFA  hosted their annual Food for America event, inviting 280 of the district’s four grade students to Blue Star Dairy in DeForest.  According to FFA advisor Gwen Boettcher, “FFA members worked in small groups to teach 4th graders everything from wildlife management to how to milk a cow.”

“Usually, this event is hosted on the grounds of the high school but this year we tried something new,” said Boettcher.  The event was hosted by Blue Star Dairy, the Meinholz family farm in DeForest.
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Eagle Point students create cardboard arcade

Third graders at Eagle Point Elementary School recently created a cardboard arcade for the rest of their school classmates.

According to 3rd grade teacher Jen Naramore, the project was inspired by a movement started a few years ago by a 9-year-old boy named Caine who created a cardboard arcade inside his father’s garage. Caine had several setbacks, but, with perseverance, ended up becoming famous. More information is available here.
Students created the cardboard arcade after completing their simple machines unit. By creating the cardboard arcade, students used their knowledge of simple machines to explore physics, game development, and the learning process through their collaborative creation of a game.
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Students celebrated with Computer Buddies

Students at Eagle Point Elementary School in Candace Toth 4th grade class and Jennifer Naramore’s 3rd grade class celebrated the end of the school year with their “Computer Buddies.”

Sponsored by the school district/community LINK-ages Committee and RSVP of Dane County, the pen-pal program pairs volunteers ages 55+ with students. The Computer Buddies program fosters positive relationships between the generations and helps enhance children’s literacy skills. Students and their pen pals exchanged e-mails with each other throughout the second semester. On May 16th, the older adults met their young buddy in person for the first time and enjoyed refreshments and classroom activities together.

Before participating, each adult volunteer completed an application, submitted to a background investigation, and attended a quick orientation for the program.

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Parents share immigration stories with 7th grade students

by Trent Rasmussen, 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher

On Tuesday, May 16th, DAMS 7th grade students had the opportunity to learn about immigration and diversity from Iman Alrashid and Chadi Alhaj Kadour, parents of three students in the district.  

Iman and Chadi immigrated from Syria in 2012 and have lived in Wisconsin since their arrival.  They shared with students information about the lengthy process of immigrating to the US, the several instances of discrimination they have experienced, and the importance of withholding judgment of others.  Iman’s and Chadi’s main message centered around the common humanity we all share and the need to make the world a better place by respecting people from all races, languages, and nations.

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Spring activities at Morrisonville Elementary School

Students and staff at Morrisonville Elementary School took advantage of the beautiful weather this spring for some educational activities.

Math Egg Hunt
On the last full day of school before Easter weekend students participated in a “Math Egg Hunt,” where plastic eggs filled with math equations/problems were hidden outside for students to find and answer.
Grandparents Lunch
Seventy-five older adults joined students for lunch on May 10.
Earth Day
Students picked up trash around their school in honor of Earth Day.
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DAHS DECA excels at ICDC in Anaheim

unnamed (4).jpg

Pictured, L-R: Audrey Williams, Silver Medalist in Apparel and Accessories Role Play; Kylie Rogers, Silver Medalist in Marketing Communications Role Play; and Abi Gardiner, Finalist/Top 20 in School-Based Enterprise project


by Abi Gardiner, DAHS Senior

Fourteen students from DeForest Area High School traveled to Anaheim, California, in April to compete at the International level for DECA. DECA is an organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

This year, three students from DeForest excelled in competition. Kylie Rogers, who recently was elected as the Vice President of Community Service for Wisconsin DECA, competed in the Marketing Communications Series Event. Rogers was recognized onstage and received a silver medal for one of her role plays. “I was honored to represent Wisconsin DECA not only as a State Officer, but also as an international medalist at ICDC this April. I am so grateful for the amazing opportunities that DECA has provided, and I can’t thank enough those who have helped me reach my potential,” Rogers expressed.

Audrey Williams, a sophomore who competed in Apparel and Accessories Marketing, was also recognized and received a silver medal for a role play. “Attending and medaling at ICDC was an amazing experience that I am extremely grateful to have had. I really enjoyed meeting so many new people and growing closer with our chapter,” Williams added. She is looking forward to continuing DECA in the upcoming years.

Lastly, the DAHS school store manager, Abi Gardiner, qualified for ICDC by receiving Gold Certification for the school store (The Korner Store), where she competed in the School-Based Enterprise project. Gardiner made it to the final round with her project, placing her in the top 20. “I was so overwhelmed with emotions when I realized I was a finalist. The week overall was an amazing experience as I also got to network with other members from across the globe,” commented Gardiner.

All students who were able to attend the International Career and Development Conference were grateful for the opportunity, and benefitted from the networking experience that it provided.


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