DAHS students participate in District Solo and Ensemble, several move on to state

On Saturday, March 4th, students from the DeForest Area High School Music Department participated in District Solo and Ensemble. The high school had over 90 events entered ranging from solos, duets, trios, quartets, to small and large ensembles. Students perform a prepared piece in front of an adjudicator and receive feedback and a rating on their performance. The prepared pieces come from an approved list that moves students through level of difficulty of the piece, starting with Class C, then moving to B, then A. Students performing Class A repertoire are eligible to perform at the State Festival if they pass the requirement at the District competition.
The Choral Department had 60 vocal events with 74 students participate on Saturday. Of these events, 17 Class A events were selected to continue to State Solo and Ensemble at UW-Whitewater on Saturday, April 29th. They are:
  • Bella Voce Madrigal Ensemble: Brenna Bernards, Sarah Bogan, Josie Brandmeier, Maggie Funk, Julia Hodkiewicz, Alexa Horkan, Abeigh Huggins, Ally Jacobsen, Ari Manghera, Grace Metzler, Izzy Oehme, Kylie Rogers, Chelsea Saldana, Skyeler Schroeder, Lynnee Schultz, Jade Seeley, Margo Skolaski, Maddy Smith, Gillian Staeven, Kennedy West, Mira White, and Jordan Wilson
  • Bella Voce Barbershop Ensemble: Ari Manghera, Lynnee Schultz, Grace Metzler, and Josie Brandmeier
  • Camerata Madrigal Ensemble: Ashley Cass, Alexa Crary, Kayla DeLapp, Allison Durst, Bailey Dye, Ashley Eisler, Camille Foss, Brynn Freitag, Makenzie Gaston, Harmony Kaegi, Isabel Larson, Allison Meier, Hailey Nolden, Sweetie Pa, Hayley Swenson, Mackenzie Truitt, and Morgan Wiegel
  • Camerata Men’s Ensemble: Colten McKay, Peter Borja, Alex Bouska, Nahuel Recoba, Tanner Miller, Ben Stremer, Kailee Xiong, Michael Claudio, and Zach Rau
  • Skyeler Schroeder and Jordan Wilson- Duet
  • Brenna Bernards- Alto Solo
  • Bailey Dye- Soprano Solo
  • Maggie Funk- Alto Solo
  • Colten McKay- Tenor Solo
  • Grace Metzler- Alto Solo
  • Grace Metzler- Musical Theater Solo
  • Ashley Otteson- Soprano Solo
  • Nahuel Recoba- Tenor Solo
  • Lynnee Schultz- Soprano Solo
  • Maddy Smith- Musical Theater Solo
  • Mackenzie Truitt- Soprano Solo
  • Mackenzie Truitt- Musical Theater Solo
Also, five individuals were awarded a “Performance of Note” Exemplary Solo Award. This award is given to students that perform at a superior performance level. They are:
  • Colten McKay- Tenor Solo
  • Grace Metzler- Musical Theater Solo
  • Nahuel Recoba- Tenor Solo
    Lynnee Schultz- Soprano Solo
    Maddy Smith- Musical Theater Solo

The Band Department had 36 events with 61 students participating. The following events were selected to continue on to State:

  • Symphonic Polka Band– Sidney Bergeron, Kaitlyn Chambers, Lizzy Horner, Erika Perkins, Ava VanDommelen, Miranda Lenz, Amber Taugher, Bergen Fitzgerald, Morgan Chadwick, Hayley O’Brion, Erica Camarato, Salma Florencio, Hannah Soucek, Samuel Neuman, Olive Foster, Alex Grabowski, Lauren Weikert, Anja Brandl, Sarah Stouffer-Lerch, Travis Nelson, Lily Hall, Kyle Esser, Emilio Morales, Dustin Anderson, Jackie Hanson, Allison Marquardt.
  • Clarinet Choir- Sidney Bergeron, Kaitlyn Chambers, Erica Camarato, Salma Florencio, Hannah Soucek
  • Percussion Quartet- Jacob Chambers, Noah McKay, Emilio Morales, Anthony Haag
  • Trombone Quartet– Nathan Hill, Anja Brandl, Lauren Weikert, Alex Grabowski
  • Sidney Bergeron- Clarinet Solo
  • Travis Nelson- Jazz Piano Non-Improv Solo, Piano Solo
  • Isabel Overman- Flute Solo
  • Jacob Chambers- Parade Drum Solo
  • Josie Brandmeier- Piano Solo

Josie Brandmeier received an Exemplary Solo Performance.

The Concert Polka Band also received an “Exemplary Performance Certificate”. Members of the Concert Polka Band include: Emma Murray, Kira Stark, Donovan Dwight, Claire Lefeber, Emilee Schroud, Jessica Parks, Max Bashell, Amy Florencio, Luke Walsvik, Trinity Bell, Jaelin Gray, Patrick Mowbray, Colton Star, Nate Castrogiovanni, Ryan Winiarski, and Avery Johnson.

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