MES students learn how to tap a maple tree

March 31, 2015 Update:


The MES tree gave Jim Hinner 8 gallons of sap which makes 1 quart of syrup!!  He made a total of 12 pints and 1 quart of syrup, which he will share with students for their pancake breakfast in April.


On the first of every month during this school year, students in Julie Harrier’s 1st/2nd grade class at Morrisonville Elementary School have posed in front of a maple tree near the school. They make observations about how the tree and its surroundings have changed each month.  Harrier then thought it would be interesting to tap this tree to show students what the sap inside looks like.  So, on Friday, March 20, volunteer Jim Hinner took the students back to the maple tree to demonstrate how to tap the tree.  The class collected several gallons of sap.  Hinner will boil it down with sap from his own trees and turn it into maple syrup.  The class will then have a pancake breakfast after spring break.

IMG_0457photo--2photo-4photo-5 IMG_0460 IMG_0463

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