DASD welcomes over 40 new staff

Over 30 new teachers attended orientation August 19, 20, and 21, learning about district operations, employee information, technology, Skyward, mentor program, social media, and more.  Nearly 20 new support staff attended an orientation session on August 25.  Welcome to all of our new staff!

New support staff

L-R, Back row: Stacy Carlson, Merribeth Smith, Nicole Roling-Bachman, Peggy Hanner, Kelly Gaona, Jennifer Steinke, Debra Whitesel L-R, Front row: Cynthia Frank, Jodi Garnell, Nancy Madden, Anne Gajeski, Katie North, Melissa Volz, Mia Wondra, Amy Sommers, Catherine Moorad Not pictured: Diane Jakymec, Amber Birkett, Megan Jeranek











New teaching staff

NewTeachers 2015
L-R, Back row: Chelsea Becker, Intensive Services Program Teacher, YES; George Wilson, One-Year English Teacher, DAHS; Dave Haas, Business Education Teacher, DAHS; Ann Brennenstuhl, 6th Grade Writing Teacher, DAMS; Carley Garvens, ELA Teacher, DAMS; Joseph Pachal, Social Studies Teacher, DAMS; Kelsey Lapin, Art Teacher, YES; Amy Oberdorfer, Occupational Therapist, District; Laura Grimes, Math Teacher, DAHS; Jennifer Funnell, Art Teacher, DAMS; Katrina Reeve, Math Teacher, DAHS; Rachel Fritz, Science/Biology Teacher, DAHS; Alexandra Garcia, Social Worker, DAMS/DAHS; Kyle Borrud, Math Teacher, DAHS Middle row: Stephanie Kovach, Guidance Counselor, YES; Brea Skora, Digital Communications Teacher DAMS; Brittany Brazzel, Alternative Education/Social Studies Teacher, DAHS; Ashley Henrekin, 3rd Grade Teacher, YES: Kelly Norton, School Nurse, DAMS/DAHS; Megan Kearney, 4th Grade Teacher, YES; Kim Halverson, 1st/2nd Grade Multi-Age Teacher, EPES; Erica Malo, 7th Grade Science, DAMS; Kara Amundson, Intensive Services Program Teacher, DAMS; Heidi Vergin, 4th Grade Teacher, WES; Amy Jambor, English/Social Studies Teacher, DAHS; Abbi Delmore, Math Teacher, DAHS; Carey Eiselt, Kindergaten Teacher, WES; Courtney Fisk, Reading Teacher, DAMS Front row: Jessica Lazarri, Kindergarten Teacher, WES: Ashley Collegnon, Math Teacher, DAHS; Sarah Shagam, Digitial Communications Teacher, DAMS; Renee Jenkins, CC Program Teacher, YES; Tracy Simonson, School Psychologist, YES/WES (photo by Joe Pruski, DeForest Times-Tribune)




















Not pictured above: Kelley Novak, Assistant Principal WES/District Assessment Coordinator

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